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SAP S4 HANA Sourcing and Procurement Practice Exam -Quiz # 1

SAP S4 HANA Sourcing and Procurement Practice Exam -Quiz # 1

All these MCQs are collected and gathered from different past papers and Books to help you to pass the SAP, SAP HANA, CA AFC students, Educators, NTS, FPSC, PPSC Exams and different Computer and IT related Tests. It also beneficial for Accountant and Finance manager Posts covering IT related test portion.

SAP S4 HANA Sourcing and Procurement Practice Exam -Quiz # 1

  • This Quiz is related to SAP S4 HANA Sourcing and Procurement Quiz# 1 in this series
  • The Quiz based on the Topic, ” SAP S4 HANA Sourcing and Procurement 
  • If you have good understanding about the subject, then you can attempt it
  • There will be 10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in this test
  • You have 60 Seconds to answer a single Multiple Choice Question
  • Questions will be randomly changed every time you start this test
  • You should practice more and more to get high marks
  • Passing Criteria is 60 percent for this Quiz
  • You can retake this test as many time as you like
  • The progress bar at the top of screen will show your progress as well as the time remaining where timed quiz
  • After the quiz, You will find Your Test Score and Grade
  • If you feel that any Incorrect Answer to a Question, simply Comment us about the Question.
  • Please wait a little to load the Quiz

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