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ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 4

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 4

All these MCQs are collected and gathered from CIMA E1 and E2 Books and different past papers and Books to help you to pass the ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management Exam. You can also take quiz related to SAP, SAP HANA, CA AFC students, Educators, NTS, FPSC, PPSC Exams and different Computer and IT related Tests. It also beneficial for Accountant and Finance manager Posts covering IT related test portion.

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management MCQs with Answers – Quiz # 4

  • This Quiz is related to ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management ( Based on CIMA E1 & E2 Kit) – Quiz # 4 in this series
  • The Quiz based on the Topic, “ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management ( Based on CIMA E1& E2 Kit) – Quiz # 4 
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Which of the following measures customer, operational and financial aspects of quality?

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The balanced scorecard approach to quality measurement focuses on customer, operational and financial perspectives.

Optimised production technologies (OPT) is an operations management system which aims to:

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Optimised production technologies focus on the removal of production bottlenecks.

An ABC system refers to:

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n this paper, you have studied ABC as an inventory management method that concentrates effort on the most important items.

Kaizen is a quality improvement technique that involves:

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Kaizen seeks to improve quality by small, incremental steps. It does not seek radical changes (options B and C) and is not a problem solving technique (option D).


Gaining International Standards (ISO) in quality is mainly dependent upon:

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To gain ISO accreditation an organisation is required to submit documentation to show that their processes meet ISO requirements. The other options are not necessarily required.

Which one of the following is the best indicator of ‘quality’?

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Quality refers to fitness for purpose, which means how suitable a product or service is for its intended use.

Which type of information system outsourcing involves third parties managing and distributing services and solutions to clients over a wide area network?

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Application Service Providers are third parties who manage and distribute services and solutions to clients over a wide area network.

Sustainability in operations management is primarily concerned with:

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Sustainability in operations management is primarily concerned with efficient use of resources.

Which type of security risk involves overloading an Internet site with traffic?

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Denial of service attacks attempt to disable an Internet site by overloading it with traffic.

Which of the following is the main characteristic of a demand network?

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In a demand network, products are developed in response to market signals (demand).

ICMAP- M2- Enterprise Management ( Based on CIMA E1 Kit) - Quiz # 2
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